Saturday, January 08, 2005

Weather Report Suite

It's just plain ole' UGLY out there this morning. Weather wise I mean. Looks like cold rain all day long. High 30's to mid-forties.


Usually this time of year in Pennsylvania, it's cold. Really cold. Cold means SNOW. No snow. Yet. Which is fantastic in my book. Especially since It's raining like it is.

So Yay Rain!

I'm not saying ANYTHING about not using my snowblower. Thats a sure sign to jinx the weather if there ever was. La, la di, da...

I was kind of hoping for at least a dry day, so I could go on stick patrol in the yard, and pick up all the debris from the winds of the last month or so. Oh well. Guess what that means..STAYING IN THE HOUSE AND CLEANING?! Yeah, right. Okay, okay, at least tidying up a little bit. There are two auctions down the road, I should mosey down thataway and see what I can see. I should get my non-motivated ass in gear and put some stuff on eBay too. Lord knows theres inventory here.

And thats the Saturday morning weather report from beautiful out of town Carlisle, PA.

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