Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow Sorry...

After all the crepe hanging and dire warnings, the snow didn't turn out to be so horrible after all.

There was snow. But it wasn't the eight to twelve inches that was predicted. Probably close to six, and in some places only four. Sunday the wind blew and drifted some places shut, but at my house, the wind blew the snow off the driveway. So I had no need for a snowblower, or a snowplow. But I called Jack anyway, to just stop by for some football.

It was nice to visit with him again, and I felt pretty good that I wasn't making any demands of him. He told me how he only hears from his family if something needs repaired. Sucky. So anyway, we sat and talked and watched the Eagles game. He brought me some deer bologna he had made with this seasons deer harvest, and I sent him home with cookies and applewood chips for his smoker.

It's just really really cold now. Which I could do without, but hey, it's January in Pennsylvania, quitcherbitchin!

I didn't go anywhere all weekend. Dog and I went out numerous times, but I hurried the process along. The wind whipping over the fields and around the house was positively arctic, and I wasn't standing out there any longer than necessary.

Happy Monday and all that. Hooray for the Eagles (eh) and better luck next year to the Steelers. (I really wanted them to win..really, really)

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