Monday, January 10, 2005

Punk Ass

Now I'm not bitter about the Vikings killing the Green Bay Packers yesterday. (at home) I'm not bitter about Brett Favre's FOUR interceptions.

But Randy Moss is a fucking asshole. He's a dickhead. Classless punk ass bitch. He better test positive for some kind of drugs, because I can't for the life of me imagine ANYONE being that big of an asshole without being on some kind of dope. (and don't get me started about that blown out hairdo of his...) What an ass. Fine him. Restrict him. DO SOMETHING. Sure he's talented. Sure it's postseason. Big hairy whoop. If the powers that be want the NFL to be lumped together with other sports that ignore assholey behavior because of talent, then do nothing. Sit back and let him get away with it. But by God if I was on any committee or had anything to say about it, this asshat would be warming the bench from now til mid season next year. IF he'd play at all.

I remember when he came to play for the Vikings. He was kind of cool. Had the whole mentor/student deal with Dante Culpeper. So much for that. There is more class in one of DC's farts than in Randy Moss's whole body. What the hell? He should have stuck to the weird makeup and left the temper tantrums to the Springer people.

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