Monday, January 17, 2005

I forgot about the Auction

I did go to an auction this weekend. How could I have forgotten? It was cold, there was tons, literally TONS of JUNK, and I was there for the duration.

I didn't spend too much money, and ended up with more stuff that I don't need, but hopefully can sell. 3 crocks, one with a hairline crack, (no big deal); 3 chenille bedspreads (like everyones granny had, white with the bumps on it) a box of crappy picture frames, which I didn't really want, but I thought they were selling the box along with two larger prints. Not, and the prints I wanted went for too much money. And a box of paper. I love old paper. In the box was a souvenier book from Niagara Falls, in black and white, some Esso gas station advertising, an ad booklet for Wrigley's gum, some old sheet music, and various and sundry other miscellaneous old paper.

This bozo I see at the flea was there. He considers himself quite the dude. I have dealt with him in the past, and don't much care for his attitude. I despise people who talk on cell phones at auction. I ran him pretty good on this planter I had waited all day for. I already had one of these planters, but this one was blue. I knew what I paid last year for one, and wasn't going any higher. It irked me that I didn't get it, but I was pleased that he had to pay for it. Hah. Plus I checked on eBay, and he'll never get his money back on that one. I want to check him out at the flea and see if he's trying to sell it there. Butthead.

So that was the auction adventure for Saturday morning. Throw in an auction dog and a cup of coffee from the church ladies at the food stand, and by God, you have yourself a fine way to spend a morning. Even though it took the rest of the afternoon for me to feel my feet again.

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