Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy Monday

Now theres an oxymoron. Or is that a contradiction in terms? At any rate, it's Monday. And it's cold. Cold outside, and positively chilly in here. Almost bitter cold. Ahem. Anyway.

Not much to report or blogworthy even. JB came over on Saturday afternoon, after the auction. That was a surprise. We hung around and ended up going to the Vietnamese place for eggrolls and coffee. He's a male version of myself, and it's scary in some ways, but interesting in others. We have both decreed that Battlestar Galactica will make it one season, but thats about it. Unless they shape up drastically. We spent a rather snarky hour dissecting the premiere. If nothing else, we can make fun of it on video. It's not going to be worth scheduling a Friday evening around, thats for sure. We ordered pizza that evening, and he stayed over. Got a taste what it was like in the arctic farmhouse.

Dog is still with me. Cats are still hiding upstairs. I think they must be sneaking downstairs to use the litterboxes. I cleaned them, and there is evidence they've been used since. Tomorrow will be a whole week, so maybe they'll start showing themselves soon. I hope so. I'm tired of living in this situation.

Before long I will probably start to itch. I bought scented detergent, and that usually does it for me, but to add insult to injury I used some nice smelly soap the other girl in my office gave me for Christmas. It's yummy. We'll see if I end up being itchy.

Onward thru the fog....

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