Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gift Me

My Father's crazy tenant gave me a gift basket for Christmas this year. Which isn't unusual. She gifts me every year. I just assumed because she was jockeying for position to be my new stepmother (dear Lord, I have to wash my eyes out) she felt she had to gift me. I've always gifted her back, partially out of guilt, partially because I knew she was my Dad's friend. I've always gotten her something seahorsey off of eBay. She adores seahorses. And clowns. But I can't gift a clown. EVER. (sorry Puffin)

This year I didn't gift her at all. She made me up a basket with all kinds of home made stuff. Peppercorn salt, different spice balls, hot cocoa mix, lemon mint oil (I don't think she read up on the preparation of flavored oils...you have to be careful with floating vegetation, it gets moldy and that could lead to our friend Mr. Botulism, who isn't welcome) Also in the basket was a flashlight. A crank flashlight. You wind the crank on it and it charges it. Coool. A minute long crank charges it enough to light for an hour. It's pretty darn neat. And chrome. You know I love chrome. So that was pretty nifty. I'm so eco-friendly with my non-battery eating flashlight. (It won't replace that 8 battery monster Mag lite, but it will serve it's purpose well.)

I feel bad I didn't get her anything, but in true OWK fashion, I gave her an IOU for dinner out someplace. She has a really big heart. It's just her head that concerns me.

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