Sunday, January 02, 2005

Earthlink! Bite Me!

So this 2nd morning of 2005, I thought, "Alrighty, I'm going to FINALLY install Earthlink on the laptop." Earthlink is my ISP (really? ya think?) and I've been using the dial up number downstairs on the laptop, but not actually having the software installed. I can access my Earthlink email thru their webmail system, and it had been working okay for me since August, when I got this computer.Dumbass.

So I've installed the software, done the obligatory reboot. And I've been trying to download all the emails from the past couple months. Some are read, some aren't. There are75 of them lurking out there. This has been going on for an hour. It would probably be less, but my parakeet attention span takes over, and I cancel the 'download'. Only to do it again later. Grrr..

Did I mention I'm connected at 28.8? Fucking dial up. This kind of thing makes me want to spend the 50 bucks a month that Comcast wants to charge for the cable service. But the 50 bucks a month galls me just a little more than 28.8. I think. I despise the cable company with a firey passion, and I'm already annoyed that I give them as much money as I do for TV in the first place. I wonder if I call and wheedle and whine, I could get the deal they offered last month for 19.99 for 6 months. Hmm. It's worth looking into, at least for aggravations sake. So Earthlink bites. And I'm seriously considering uninstalling the software, and go back to doing what I have been for months. It wasn't so bad, really. The only reason I installed the software in the first place was in the hope that it'd speed UP the procedure. But it isn't.

This isn't setting well with the pot of coffee I've had this morning.

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