Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Beat Goes on..

Not a whole lot worth blogging these days. Tis a shame too. The dog/cat saga continues, but theres only so much one can post about that.

OP got a new truck. It's a dig-it thats for sure. Jeep Liberty. I never scoped one up close, only had seen them on the roads. Pretty cool. Body styled real nice. It's red. No, I mean RED. With black accents. Nice. I think she had a Larado before, and that was more pod-like in it's appearance. Like a big rear end or something. The Liberty has a taller profile. She said it rides totally differently than the other one, almost like an enclosed Wrangler. Cool.

The Chef has a Wrangler, and I must say, I'm not overwhelmed by it. I suppose when it's 80 degrees and warm and sunny, it'd be a great thing, but when it's cool and damp. Yuck. (I am biased after the ride to Baltimore last October. I had a dress on, and the wind blew up my skirt the whole way down and back.) She has an Audi sedan too, but it's a tempermental thing, and only goes when the planets are aligned properly. (She bought it from one of her friends at the bar. Nuff said, right?) So she drives the Wrangler when she's trying to be cool, and the Audi when she's impressing someone (when the planets are aligned properly) I've been pondering the newer car issue of late, myself. If any of Dad's estate actually comes to me (after the universe is paid off) I might look into at least a newer Volvo wagon. 3 in a row though, thats getting kind of rut-like and redundent. Thats pretty far down the line to ponder in any detail anyway.

And thats the news from Lake Woebegone. Oh wait, thats a different show. Never mind. Carry On.

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