Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yeah Baby, We're Cookin Now!

Finally, finally, FINALLY, the baking portion of the cookie project has begun.

I was up early and visited the farmers market for some last minute things, and a present or two, then beat feet back to the ranch for the bake off.

I made a bunch of microwave peanut brittle first. I had just gotten the recipe this morning, and thought, what the hell, lets try it. Worked pretty good, but it's taken a real long time for it to get totally hard. Might be damp in here, I don't know. I'll leave it til tomorrow, or check Alton's site to see if you can refrig it.

Then I started the raspberry stripers. Sounds like some weird ocean fish, dosen't it? They're easy! I fucked them up. The first batch I doubled the recipe, and with some weird Amy math, really added too much butter. I've made them enough times to know the dough is stiff. It wasn't. Pitched it into the trash, and started over again.

That time, it was flawless. Except for the part where it said add 1/3 cup sugar, and I tossed the sugar into what I thought was the mixing bowl, and missed by about 6 inches. Changed the recipe to read 'Add 1/3 cup of sugar on the cat...' She was rather surprised too. I told her that what she gets for being underfoot.

During the baking process this morning, the cats took turns running into the kitchen, looking annoyed and grumbling. I couldn't figure out what was the problem, until I followed one into the laundry room. Oh. The litter boxes were staaanky. PU!

I stopped what I was doing, and went to Petsmart for cat litter. It was good I was between batches, that way I could do this odious chore and come back to cookies later.

Well hells bells, later ended up being 3 friggin hours. A big truck had overturned coming off the exit by my house, blocking the Southbound lane. The cops and fire boys were all there eating donuts and standing around waiting for the towtruck to come and right this beast. A man, who I assume was the driver was leaning on one of the cop cars talking to the cops and looking miserable. Sure glad I didn't have to make THAT phone call. He did a lovely job of laying it over though. Perfectly on the concrete median. Reefer and all. Nice one, dude. Sucks to be you, but hey good job. I was more concerned about one of my good pals from the Middlesex PD seeing my expired inspection stickers, so I was practicing my Jedi mind games. "These aren't the droids you are looking for, move on.." (replace droids with Volvo wagon)

My destination was Petsmart. Holy Cats! Literally. Ever go to Petsmart on a Saturday? Jeez...everyone with an animal must bring 'em out to PS on Saturdays to show them off. And since it's the Holiday season, most of the pets were decked out in red and green bows, bells, and the odd set of antlers. They had kittens in cages for adoption too, but I detoured thru the fish department so I could miss the kitties. I saw an perfectly lovely bulldog being chauffered around by a perfectly lovely man too. Even in my baseball hat and flour dusted turtleneck I smiled sweetly at him and petted his nice doggy. Grrrrr yummy.

After that I was going to come home, but the 50% off Saturday and Sunday sign at Kmart dragged me in. Through the magic of my good parking karma, I got a space out front, and strolled around. Keyrist, that place was a bigger circus than Petsmart. I got a couple things, and was prepared to stand in line, and a lady working the jewlery counter called me over, "You have less than 6 things, I can check you out over here." Yeeeeesssssssss.......And ta da! I was out of there most rikky-tik. Ha.

The rollover truck was all cleaned up and put away by the time I got back to my necko the woods, and now it's back to cookie baking. The cats are pacified somewhat because their stinky boxes are dumped and are soaking in clorox, so I can bake in peace. They're all sleeping in my bed anyway, so I won't have an audience. I have to figure out what I'm making next. Hmmmmmm....


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