Friday, December 10, 2004

Soup du Poor

The featured guest at today's lunch is Progresso Traditional Beef Barley. The label description is as follows: 'Progresso Beef Barley is a hearty soup made of savory beef, a variety of garden vegetables, plenty of barley and an abundance of lively seasonings."

My ass.

There is a fair amount of dime sized 'beef' pieces floating, along with some potato chunks, a couple celery pieces, some stray anemic peas and one lone tomato bit. The abundance of lively seasonings must have missed this can, because this is some seriously bland shit. I've even crushed up a bunch of crackers, and still it's bland. Bland with a nice aftertaste of can. Mmmm...caan....

Damn. I might as well just be drinking some hot water or something. This sucks. Truly sucks.
Nothing can annoy me more than a sub-par lunch.

I'm dumping the rest of down the sink. Blech.

Guess the only way to have good soup for lunch is make it myself. Thats fine. I have learned I have nothing else to do this weekend (the happy spectre of sex was on the horizon, but has dimmed, put off for another time) So my sexually frustrated self will go into the kitchen to not only start the cookie project, I will make and freeze some decent damn soup so I won't be annoyed for the rest of the afternoon.

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