Sunday, December 12, 2004

Random Thoughts

Get off the phone and drive, pinhead.

Sign at Long John Silvers: "Lobster Stuffed Crabcake - $3.99" My ass. I wonder if the lobster and crab have ever been near an ocean. Like lab made diamonds, maybe the stuff in there is lab made crustaceans.

The Washington Post is marked 1.50. Why do I have to pay 2.90 for it? Some Sundays I pick out one of the bored teenage cashiers, and they ring it up for me. Usually at the 1.50 marked price. Since it's Christmas, and I know Santa is watching, I paid the Pennsylvania amount for it.

Got my car insurance bill on Friday. It's due Monday. Umm. How am I supposed to get it by mailto Philadelphia by Monday, when I only get it Friday? Asshats. Guess they're getting a nice letter explaining logistics in with the check.

I miss my Dad. But then I remember that he's all around me now. So if you see me talking to myself, I'm not really talking to myself, but telling my Dad something. Or maybe I am talking to myself. Either way, don't be alarmed.

Black bean soup. Yummy. Got the ham hocks cooking as we speak. Can't wait for that to be all done. Even though the grocery didn't have dried black beans (whats up with that?) I got canned. I guess it'll be okay after I drain and rinse them. I got the good ham hocks from the Amish ladies at the farmers market. Happy, happy.

It's supposed to get positively cold here this week. Yay. Todays other mission, up with the plastic on the windows. Conserve some heat. Someday when I grow up, I'll move South where 40 degrees is not the high temp in December. Anyone want to sponsor a Yankee?

The weird old boyfriends come back in clusters. This week I got 3 different phone calls from three of the old flames. The weird old flames. Including Shithead, who stood me up on Valentines Day (With forty bucks with of goodies from the Adult bookstore and 2 nice Delmonico steaks. Not sure which pissed me off more) Thank God for caller ID.

I saw two American Kestrels today. I'm assuming they were the ones who lived in the eaves of my house this summer. I waved. They please me.

The Mountain Man is in Antartica climbing a mountain. Or glacier. I wish him much luck. Hopefully he'll email me when he gets back. Makes me could just thinking about it.

This ends another episode of random thoughts.

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