Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oh I believe alright...

A couple years ago, after the departure of Drunk Brook, I decided that perhaps I'll try this online personals thing, just to see what I could find.

Oh boy, has THIS been an experience.

I signed up with two services. Both under the 'free' heading. Oh sure, it's free to view the lists of potential datees, but in the event anyone emails you or sends you a smile/wink/tease, you must pay to respond.

Lets see the past year has brought me the following:

A salesman who I dated for about 6 weeks, educated, clever, and oh yes, a drunk....who stood me up on Valentines Day because (he said) he got a DUI at 9:30 in the morning.

Four married guys, whose wives didn't understand them (oh stop)

A delightful educated well off man who lived a hundred miles away, who found someone else, but didn't think to tell me until later, we are still friends.

A traveling salesman who I met for drinks. After 2 beers, he told me that he had pot and coke back in his hotel room, as well as a fifth of whiskey, and would very much like it if I joined him there. He got very angry when I told him no, and left.

A depressed EMS who was busted 6 years ago for forging prescriptions. He's clean now, but can't get a job in his field because of the bust, and therefore he's depressed.

Four email buddies, whom sent me copious emails....until I sent them my picture.

One very nice, very young man who would have driven directly to my home so I could take nude pictures of him.

Another very nice, educated young man who isn't really 'it' but is good for hours of stories.

A biker who is also a preacher. Had a nice visit with him, and he promised he'd call and see me again...that was June.

The dog rescue guy who came over to my house, drank all my wine then left.

One sweetheart that emailed me lots, until he got a pic, then told me he didn't date fat chicks.

The retired Airborne Ranger who screamed in my face that I have issues with committment after I refused to spend every weekend at his place after we'd been dating for 3 weeks.

And lets not forget, the nice man who really, really thought I was something, who really, really wanted to be 'involved' with me, who called daily for 3 weeks, and has since dropped off the planet.

I believe there is good in all people. Really I do. And I'm trying to believe, really I am. But honestly, I'm getting a little tired of all this.


Sometimes, the truth blows. A friend, after reading this blog entry today, sent me this email:

"Sweetheart, once you tell people that you've joined (or tried out) one, or more, of these "dating hot lines" no good friend is going to tell you that only losers do this shit......until now. Women always seem to want to find a "warm and fuzzy feeling" about these "matchmaker things".....guys, on the other hand, use them as personal escort services. They figure any woman hard up enough to solicit companionship via one of these services is "easy money". When it turns out that she doesn't fit into this catagory....well, it's on to door #2!! Loser, asshole guys use this stuff up, no decent guy is going to use one of these would be embarrassing."

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