Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Not very bloggy....

I guess I'm not in a very bloggy mood today. First day back to work and all. Big boss on a tear right off the bat, one of the 'talent' has put in his resignation, effective Friday. Bahahaha....just enough to tweak everyone's tail first thing.

Other than that. Nuttin.

I've been watching with mute horror, the whole earthquake/tsunami thing. Amazing. That many people dead. Hell. There isn't even that many people in the county where I grew up. Sheew..

There must be a mousein the dining room. The 3 stooges are positioned in various perches looking very suspicious. If nobody comes to bed tonight, I'll know they're on mouse patrol. Thats fine. It's an old farmhouse, surrounded by fields. Cats do your thing. Just don't leave me a present in my shoes.

I hate the Dress Barn with a firey passion. They suck. Their clothes are tacky and frumpy. They are hard to deal with, and the clerks could give a ripe shit if you shop there or not. Grr. Dear Mom, don't buy me clothes from there anymore. PLEASE.

Like I said. I don't have much today.

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