Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I love this:

And shares of stock in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia recently hit a three-year high, driven in part by expectations that a Sears-Kmart merger will put more things Martha in more homes, thanks to the addition of all those Sears stores.
It took a lot of nerve for Martha Stewart to get up in front of the universe and say, "Yeah, I fucked up. I made poor judgement, and I'm going to take my punishment." She had a lot to lose. A LOT. And sure, her stock took a huge hit at first, and she caught a lot of shit from the media, and other self righteous bastards who were happy to see her go down. But she did it. She took her hits. She gave up 5 months of her nice life to go to jail. Yeah, yeah, it's a federal prison, but it's still jail. Your freedoms are limited. Very limited. But she's doing it, and her fans and stockholders are supporting her. Unlike a lot of those Wall Street Pirate Bastards who are still denying they did anything wrong, even though the evidence has shown they've robbed old people of their life savings.
I wonder if Martha's success will lead to other people actually doing the right thing instead of denying it?

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