Saturday, December 18, 2004

Forward Motion! I like it!!

Alrighty was actually very productive! Up early, as usual, then some messing around in the kitchen. I devised a way to make the cheesecake cookies work like a champ, and they did. 5 dozen worth. Would have been six, but the first batch was experimental. So, thats one more kind of cookie finished. While the cookies were in the oven, I relisted a couple items on eBay, using Buy It Now, just in case, for Christmas presents. I also fussed with the chocolate a little bit. The whole white chocolate snit earlier was due to old chocolate and too high a temp to melt it. The kind I used this morning, worked just fine. Then, off to do some shopping. Hit the department store, got some great deals on some stuff, and finshed shopping for a couple folks. Then a road trip to the Adams Country Winery near Gettysburg for some goodies, then back home. After a snack, and a little Steelers football, I logged back on here to find out, lo and behold one of my eBay things sold, and was paid for. Whoooo!! I might take a trip down to the post office to check out the new automatic shipper machine they have in the lobby. Use your credit card to buy stamps, or send a package.

So far, so good. I can't complain about the way today has gone. And it's only 3:30. I love it when days go like this!!

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