Monday, December 13, 2004 of THOSE days

Stumbled down to feed the cats and to make coffee at the usual five dark thirty. I brushed up against a cookie sheet, in the sink, which had a ceramic bowl drying on it.

Crash! Ceramic bowl hits the floor and explodes.

I didn't even cuss.

Back upstairs for shower. After the shower, I'm drying my hair and I hear a 'pink' which means I've snagged an earring with the towel.

Fuck. The earring in question was one of the white gold and peridot studs Momster gave me for my birthday. Dammit. Hands and knees, on the floor of the bathroom. No earring (Nice dust bunny collection behind the terlet though) I went downstairs and retrieved my flashlight. Peered down the vent in the floor. Twinkle, twinkle. Sighed heavily and went back downstairs and got the big screwdriver. Pried the grate off the vent, and there, amongst the mouse turds was my earring.

Finished getting dressed, left the house. Had to mail the car insurance. Pulled up to the 'out of town' mailbox, and flipped the envelope into the box. The wind grabbed it en route to the slot and blew it onto the grass beside the mailbox. Fuck. Again. Parked the car, retrieved the mail, mailed it, and proceeded to work.

Okay, thats three. I'm done now. At least I hope so.

Oh, and theres a huge blister on my right ring finger from hitting the inside of the oven during the cookie baking. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't live in a plastic bubble so I don't hurt myself.

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