Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Buying Generic

I'm cheap. So sue me. I buy store brand products. Usually there is no real difference. Dry pasta, half and half, cheese, bread, milk, butter...they're all the same for goodness sakes.

Today I had hankering for Cheez Nips. I love me some Cheeze Nips. Holy Hell, they're almost 2.50 a box!! The Giant had their brand, Cheez Snaps on sale for 1.42 a box. Alrighty then, thats a no brainer.

Imagine my disappointment when the Cheez Snaps are just orange colored saltines. Blech! The elastic waist on my awful granny panties more snap than these crackers. I'll close the box and put it back in our break room. These boys here will eat anything that won't eat them first.

And I'm not even considering the sexual implications of that last line. Eeeeewwww.......

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