Monday, December 20, 2004


Holy Shit it's COLD! I can so do without this kind of cold. Man. It was 10 degrees at the ranch this morning, but a wind chill of -10.

No use in bitching about it, because, after all, it IS December in Pennsylvania. But Holy Shit, just the same. Tomorrow it's supposed to pop back up into the 40's. Oh so balmy! I'm glad I'm not shoveling snow or running the snowblower in this kind of cold though. That's just ugly. Oddly enough, for not having heat in my bedroom, I was nice and toasty under the covers this morning. So were two of the four cats. They weren't UNDER the covers, but instead curled up next to me, and perched on top of my hip.

I got an email this morning from a friend of my Dads. She was reporting that my Aunt, who is in a nursing home in Florida, isn't doing so well, and is very depressed. Her son and grandchildren only live about 20 minutes from her, and don't visit. She has only received 2 Christmas cards as well. She misses my Dad, and his weekly phone calls, and wants to die. Merry Christmas. Now I've got my full belly of guilt, I'm on a mission to find out what kind of stuff you can send to someone in a nursing home. She is diabetic, dosen't socialize, dosen't read, just kind of sits. Sigh. How depressing. I've forwarded the email on to my Mother, who thrives on this kind of thing, and loves a little guilt in her world. Hopefully we can get our heads together, and get something down to my Aunt by Christmas.

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