Friday, December 17, 2004

American Chopper

So after my candymaking snit last night, I caught some American Chopper on the Discovery channel.

I really liked that show when it first came out. It was neat, a family run shop, working to meet deadlines, building cool bikes, and having the usual family dynamic to go along with.

They have had their 15 minutes of fame. Time to move on.

The show is the same everytime I watch it. Cool bike has to be built. Parts aren't delivered on time, Paul Senior yells, Paul Junior is cocky, Mikey is just Mikey, bike gets built in the nick of time, everyone is happy.


Don't get me wrong. I like a nice looking bike as much as the next girl. Especially ones with lots of chrome. But some of the bikes built by OCC lately, don't do anything for me. They've pushed the envelope and gone into another completely different catagory. I don't like 'em. They don't look comfortable. Angles and sharp lines, as opposed to nice fat curves, like some Harleys I've seen. And anymore, it seems that they all look the same except for the different themes they have.

And then there's the whole line of OCC goods. Good Gawd, talk about a sellout. On their website, you can purchase: OCC checkers, playing cards, mints, fragrance (ha, whats THAT smell like), baby clothes, art books, clocks, watches, belts, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, stickers, mugs, afghans, mouse pads, lunch boxes, frisbees, tape measures, coasters and....I could go on, but it's just insane.

When OCC visited Carlisle's bike show this fall, people started standing in line for autographs at 6 in the morning. Some waited for 8 hours to get an autograph from Paul, Paulie,Mikey, Vinnie and Cody.

I don't wish any ill will on OCC, I think what they do is awesome. But damn, how saturated with the Teutels do we have to be? At least we haven't been treated to hearing them whine about success like that punk Jesse James.

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