Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I haven't been in many car accidents in my life. Two or three minor ones, but thats it.

Last night could have been ugly.

I was happily tooling back my road, and at the first intersection, I saw a Toyota Camrey inch out, as if to look what what coming. Well, that was me, coming. There was also a car coming in the opposite direction. The Camry kept inching out and inching out, and I just naturally assumed they would see this big blue volvo station wagon, lights on, driving the 40 mph speed limit, coming their way.

They didn't apparently.

They pulled right out on me, I hit the horn, swerved into the lane where (whoops) the other car was, they swerved, I hit my brakes, pissed my pants, and missed both cars. Kind of went between them.
The Camry, piloted by a little old lady, who I can still see in my minds eye, kind of just kept puttering on down the road.


I thanked my guardian angels, and proceeded home. Now this little thing would have resulted in some spectacular sheet metal damage to both sides of my car, and probably some serious crushage on the other two.

Alls well that ends well I guess. The plants I was hauling home completely overturned, and theres potting soil all over the front passenger area of the wagon.

Nice headrush, though.

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