Friday, November 12, 2004

Stink Boot

I love boots. I have amassed quite a collection of them. Being a women whose calves aren't exactly slender, did, at first, pose a problem with my boot fetish. However, I discovered that if you look hard enough you can get boots that come to mid calf as opposed the the 12-14 inch shaft lots of them sport.

Three years ago, I was lucky enough to come across a pair of Justin ropers on eBay. Used twice. (Give me NO shit about buying shoes/boots off eBay, willya. Thats why God made Lysol) Anyway. I won the ropers. (Ropers, in case you don't know, are mid calf western style boots. Generally not flashy) They suit me perfectly. Heel, just right. Height just right. I like 'em. I started wearing them a lot. Black boots go with dang near anything. At least in my world.

A year into this Roper Romance, I noticed a certain odor to them. No big deal. Just feet. I blasted them with lysol with I got them, so it's not like they had some super fungi growing inside. I had worn them so much, that, well you know, after awhile, they get a certain personality. I powdered them. The odor abated. Wore them a couple times, peeeuuu....stinky. Powdered AND cornstarched them.
Same story. Then powder, cornstarch and perfume. Still 'melly.

Hm. A dilemma. Toss out a perfectly good pair of boots 'cause they stink or figure out an alternative. I really really like these boots, and by Cod, I'm NOT throwing them away 'cause they're funky. So I kept wearing them. Finally after the first outing of the winter this year, I decided that serious action needs to be taken. I cannot be cruising around with boots that make MY eyes water when I put them on. Not to mention the great poofs of baby powder that swirl around me like Pigpen from Peanuts.

Enter here the Odor Eaters. I thought WTF, we'll give 'em a spin. See how these work. You have the commercial with the big construction dudes and their big smelly workboots, and it worked on them. So maybe, just maybe the Rancid Ropers will be vanquished, and I can wear them without shame of a green haze following me around.

Stay tuned...

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