Monday, November 15, 2004

Spending money like it was going out of style!

It was one of those weekends..honestly. I didn't mean to spend so much money, but it just sort of happened.

As promised, I did go to the Bead Show on Saturday. And completely lost my shit. There was only one table of the beads I do most of my jewelry work with, seed beads. But good Lordy be, there were 20 tables with OTHER kinds of beads.

Stone, bone, crystal, plastic (ick), glass, more glass, more stones....Big little, colored, clear, round, square, triangular, free formed, oh my Goodness...whoof.

I spent money. Money that I don't really have, but knew I was going to spend when I went there. Money that I need for future things, but since I have NO control over anything, I spent it. More than groceries for a week.

And trust me, that was getting off easy.

My loot contains the following: a strand of blue freshwater pearls, a strand pink freshwater pearls, tiger eye teardrops, 2 strands of tiny garnets, a strand of aspirin sized opal colored (murky white iridscent) glass, a strand of turquoise tubes, a strand of turquoise teardrops, 2 spools of flexible wire for jewelry making, and my favorite of all, a strand of green jasper disks, about the size of quarters, and a strand of the same size stone in inch long squares. Lordy, they are beeeautiful....They were most expensive of all, and hopefully, what I don't use in a project will be auctioned off at some point in time. There might be more stuff, but off the top of my pointy little head this morning, I can't think of them. I'll update the blog if I can remember what they are. All I can say is that I better get cracking and make some stuff, or sell off some of my bead hoard from the past, or I'm in deep shit. Well. Not so deep, but it'll just make my life a little tighter than should be for comfort sake.

After the bead buying frenzy, I went to a maul near the Expo center. Hah. Now I remember WHY I hate mauls. Pushy shovy loud people, expensive mass produced clothes that everyone already has, nothing that suited me AT ALL. Blech. On that note, I left, and came home the extreme back way, over hill and dale, and certainly out of my way, but it was a lovely day for a drive.

Oh but the beads are wonderful!!!!!

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