Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Last week I decided I needed a proper skirt or dress for the services on Friday. So I sallied forth to the Maul to shop.

Apparently I've spent far too much time doing clothes shopping online or at the second hand stores. 40 bucks for a skirt? 29 bucks for a blouse? And the most horrible, horrible fabrics imaginable. Textured polyster...textured like a rock, all crinkly and nubby. Eeeww..... This, of course, is in the 'Womens' section. Which means, Plus size fashions for fuller figured gals. I am not sure who is dreaming up these clothes, but it sure ain't anyone cool. Sure, if you want to look like a schoolmarm, you'd be set. Twin set sweaters, jumper dresses that tie in back, big flowery skirts and blouses. Ick, ick, ick. Even Lane Bryant, whose main audience is the fuller figured women has some pretty evil clothing. Not to mention expensive.

I'm starting to wonder if it's not some weird plot. Make heinious clothes for fuller figured women, and we'll get tired of the choices (or lack thereof) and lose weight so we can wear the clothes from the 'regular' section.


You can either dress like a frump or a whore. Those are your choices. Honestly, I haven't seen any affordable clothes (Besides jeans) that I'd wear in the 'regular' section of the stores either. I'm not a suit wearer (those who know me are laughing hysterically), but I can't wear jeans to work. So I blur the 'business attire' line as much as possible. Long skirts, boots and sweaters and turtlenecks are pretty much the winter uniform. Same thing for summer, but change it to sandals, and regular tops. I see no point in spending money for nice work clothes, because I will get them hogged up in no time. Between the grease on the file cabinet drawers, the dust in the archived files room, and just general filth, there is no point.

I really used to get into shopping for shoes and boots. That has gone by the wayside pretty much too. Oh, it's easy to find things that fit there, but GAWD, the styles are horrific! I have purchased a lovely pair of blue Doc Marten boots just to annoy the masses, but they're about as clunky as it gets. What I've seen in the stores for everyday wear would make Frankenstein stumble. Not to mention they're HIGH too. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the little bitty dainty girly high heels, that end in a point at the toe area. I can imagine my feet screaming in pain as I try to cram them into a pair of those cruel shoes. Again, cowboy boots work for me. Fashion plate I am not. Comfort whore yes indeedy. I don't need to be stylish so badly that I am in pain over it.

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