Monday, November 22, 2004

It is with great sadness I note:

The Sentinel Online - Local Business

Oh man. This really bums me out. This guy is the coolest, best auctioneer I've ever had the privledge of bidding with.

This is an real deal auction barn. Drafty, hot in the summer, cold in the winter, dusty, and musty. Pick up your boxes in the back, and if you need newspaper, theres a bunch there too.

Cod I love a sale at Rowe's.

See the names on the chairs? Those are people who are regulars to every single Rowe sale. You can bet on seeing them every single time. Surrounded by their stuff.

You've never had a hot dog so good as the ones at an auction. Ever. My favorite breakfast in the whole entire world is an auction dog with onions and a diet coke. If my friend Poole is there, so is his dog Stinky. I get Stinky a hot dog too, and we have breakfast together.

Rowe's also has a big pole barn behind the regular barn. There is tons of stuff that goes thru there. TONS. In the winter they run those big industrial salamander heaters to try and heat the place. Last January, I went to a sale there, and no shit, it didn't get above 30 degrees in the pole barn. I didn't buy anything. Punked out after 2 hours of standing. 3 pairs of socks and 4 shirts didn't help one bit.

Sure, I'm going Friday. Gotta say 'See ya around' to Benny. And while I might not buy anything, I sure can't wait to check out the stuff!

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