Thursday, November 25, 2004


The stuffing is being made, and the pie is being pied. So far, so good. I'll relate no horror stories until I have them ALL.

It's raining like CRAZY out there. Torrential downpour. And whats even weirder is that it's about 60 degrees. So strange. According to the local weather guru, a big change in the weather is coming, and this storm will bring the cold in. Oh hooray! I'm so relieved. I'd hate to NOT have to run the furnace in the waning days of November. I WANT to pay 2 bucks a gallon for fuel oil.

Oh. I forgot. I'm not supposed to carp about the fuel oil prices anymore since I think drilling in the Arctic Reserve isn't such a great idea. Back to the weather.

Theres a little thunder for ya too. How bizarre.

Enough ramblings, I have a pie to fill.


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