Friday, November 26, 2004

Anyone for Leftovers?

Unlike last Thanksgiving, this years went off with nary a hitch.

Figures, I only cooked for Mom and I.

The turkey was wooonderful. 7.5 lb turkey breast. Brined all night with maple syrup and brown sugar in the brine. Stuffed with oranges and lemons and GARLIC. Roasted low and slow for 3 hours being brushed with maple syrup and butter. Oohh.. The skin did get a little dark, but I'll attribute that to the sugar in the maple syrup. (And the fact I spaced on tin foiling it. So sue me) The gravy was pretty good, even though I cheated and used the jar kind. I made it more personable with the pan drippings from the bird.

The sweet potatoes, which I made for Mom, were roasted for an hour in the oven til the were soft. When they were cool enough not to burn my fingers, they were de-skinned, and the pulp put into a bowl with a half a stick of butter and more maple syrup. Then mashed. Baked for 20 minutes, covered. Then chopped toasted pecans liberally smothered the top and then little tiny marshmallows over those. Baked until the marshmallows were a lovely golden brown. They were good. I don't like sweet potatoes, but these were good.

Smashed potatoes. Pshaw. 4oz of Philly cream cheese, 1/4 cup of half and half (all I had), and a 1/2 stick of butter. Garlic pepper and some sea salt. Mmmmmmm....foreplay.....

I broke down and made a cranberry compote/relish thing I saw pinhead Emeril do on the big Thanksgiving special on FoodTV. He can keep it. It was pretty, but vanilla extract with cranberries is just weird. Just say no. Next time I'll make the whole chopped cranberry/orange thing. That was good.

The pie was okay. Vanilla pudding/cream cheese in a graham cracker crust. Then pumpkin pie on top of that. Eh. It could have been better. I should have stuck with a pastry pie crust, but got all weird when it came out of the oven looking like a beret. Into the trash with you! That'll teach me.

Mom was a little early (15 minutes) which is unheard of for her. She brought crackers and raw veggies with two kinds of dip. And rolls. and clementines. and soda.

We ate and talked for a good two hours. Had pie and coffee for dessert. She hung for another hour then left.

I sent her packing with leftover turkey and sweet potatoes. She didn't want anything else.

I still have dishes to do this morning. Oh well. I've got 3 whole days here. Unless I get a wild hair up my ass and go for a ride. I've been wanting a change of scenery, but I don't know where I'd like to go.

I got up too early today, so I think I'll go back up to bed for awhile.

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