Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Visiting Pop

I stopped in to do an errand for the Popster this evening. He's looking much better, and was walking around with his little walker-carty thing. YAY! He's still kind of weak, but the strength will build in time I suppose. He must be feeling better because instead of telling me how to disperse with all his worldly possessions, he was planning what we're going to cook for the Christmas Party. He also wanted a complete rundown of the menu for Thanksgiving. Ahh. That makes me feel a little better. My next mission from him is to procurea 6 pack of tomato juice, a 6 pack of V8 and a 12 pack of water. Yes Dear. I'm also going to pick up a pack of origami paper. He bought a how to book this summer, and maybe origami would entertain him better than the campaign.

Since he's been down, I've heard more stories about his time in Viet Nam. Nothing evil or ugly, just incidental things. Tonight he told me the corpsmen carried lipsticks or grease pencils with them to mark a "M" on the foreheads of the wounded. Noting they had been administered morphine at the front, so they wouldn't be dosed again before they got back to the rear. Interesting.

You go Daddy-o.

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