Sunday, October 10, 2004


I didn't win the Powerball last night, oh well. 215 Million dollars would have gone to my head anyway.

So I'm still plain old me. Thats okay. It's not a bad way to be anyhow.

Visited the Popster awhile today. He's a grump. Much to my great annoyance one of his 'friends' brought him a wheelchair. Grrrrr....... But Who am I. I made breakfast for him, and ran to Home Depot for some light fixtures, hung out while he gave me his, 'If something happens to me....' lecture, which I've heard a hundred times. He's bored and needs to be outside a little bit, but won't go on his own. Won't go with me either. Again Who am I?

Back at the ranch, I have new batteries for the smoke detectors (yay rah) I should clean a little bit too. I was sitting here at the computer earlier and the cats were romping and playing with something. I looked closer at what they were playing with.......the back half of a mouse. Eeeeewww....Where the hell is the front half? I wasn't quick enough in taking it away, so now the back half is MIA too. Gawd, I hope I don't find either half in a shoe, or worse in my bare feet. Ick.

I also submitted my entry to the boobiethon.

As you were.

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