Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The sound you hear is my crest fallen.

So today, OP and I thought we'd order out lunch. Chinese delivery right across the street. Whoo, hoo, celebration! We hardly ever order out. So we get our order all together. Hot and Sour soup and steamed dumplings for me, shrimp fried rice and rangoons for her. Yum yum! I called the number on the menu. It just rang busy. Okay, I did a search for the number. Found another one for it. "We're sorry this number has been disconnected..." Oh nooooo! This can't be, I just SAW people over there the other night. So I jumped in the 'wagon and went to place the order. The neon signs were still in the window, but there is a big FOR SALE sign on the door.

Oooh. Waaaah.

I'm eating a can of tuna and some salad. Sigh.

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