Thursday, October 28, 2004

Random Stuff

How cool is it that the Red Sox won last night? Not only that, but how cool is it that they won 8 in a row? I'm not a baseball fan, but I can't help but watch some of the World Series. And you know my penchant for the underdog.

However, Pedro Martinez should never be given the floor at a press conference. They probably could have gotten a better sound bite from a potted palm. Jeeez.

The ladybugs are still there. At night, they all cluster in the corner, with a few stragglers in different places. They must be the lower caste ladybugs.

The moon was very bright at 5:15 this morning when I first got up and stumbled around. At 7:30, when I left for work, the sun was coming up and it was HUGE and orange. I was basking in natures wonder as I sat in traffic.

Speaking of. I notice the heavy earth moving equipment has dug in up the road from my place. The sign proudly proclaims that a 400 bay distribution center is moving in. How sad. Theres an absolutely beautiful stone barn and stone house that are right next to the devastation. I'm sure they won't be there long. Cod, I hate that. I briefly entertain molatov cocktails and mass destruction of expensive heavy machinery. But since I'm not noted for my luck (or stealth), I'd be in the slammer before the insurance claims are filed.

XPN was rocking this morning. I heard two absolutely wonderful tunes I'd never heard before. One by Jesse Winchester ("Sambaman") and another by New Country. The latter was a whole rockin' fiddle piece that made me stay in the car until it was done. I'm going to have to research that one, and get a CD. Nothing I like more than some jamming fiddle music. (besides a couple beers WITH jamming fiddle music)

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