Monday, October 18, 2004

Nut Magnet, the sequel

Two summers ago, I thought it'd be a swell idea to sell heirloom tomato plants. I started about 100 of them, and set out a sign. Selling for a buck apiece. I sold 6 one day to a strange little man, and his wife. Strange little man was wimpy and quiet, and his wife was this big mean loudmouthed cow. She bossed him around something awful, and he was, "Yes, dear, no dear.." Anyhow, I wished them well after they loaded their tomato plants in the mini van.

Strange little man showed up in my front yard yesterday (while I was digging daffodils) and commenced talking to me. It started with the tomato plants, then morphed into geodesic domes and then veered off into the Lord Jesus Christ. He stopped as abruptly as he started. Climbed into his minivan and left.


No wonder I stay in the house.....I'd hate to have to start working in my yard by the light of moon to keep the weirdos at bay.

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