Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Just What Are You Doing in my Bedroom?

For the Love of Cod, NOW WHAT?!

After my dramatic afternoon, I came home. As is the custom, after throwing out the mail, and greeting the cats, I went upstairs to change clothes.

OMG. My bedroom is totally invaded by ladybugs.

Yes. Ladybugs. Everywhere. There are big clusters of them in the SouthWest most corner of the room, but on every wall and the ceiling there are hundreds of them just roaming around, doing whatever ladybugs do when it's the off season.

The PA Dept of Natural Resources released zillions of ladybugs a couple years ago to curb a pest who is devouring our hemlocks. (If you don't know, PA's forests are very hemlock-y) Anyway, these ladybugs do a number on the hemlock pests, and are supposedly keeping them in check. The fallout of the release is the offspring of the ladybugs who come a'calling.

Not a bad trade off, I guess. Could be worse. It could be big black wooly spiders or something. I shouldn't bitch. But that never stopped me.

As a treehugger, I think I should leave 'em alone, let them do whatever it is they're doing in my bedroom, wish them well and hope they go back to the forest to eat the Hemlock boogers.

As a bug hater, I'm tempted to go up with the vacuum and suck every blessed one of them off the walls and ceiling and send them to their demise in the Hoover.

But the Karmic retribution weighs heavily upon me. I couldn't look at the forest and not think I wasn't doing my part to help eradicate the Hemlock Boogers.

I'm calling my outdoorsy friend. He'll know.

Meanwhile. I think I'll crack another beer.

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