Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hmm..what exactly DID I accomplish this weekend? Not a bloody damn thing. Nope. Nuttin. Cleaned cat boxes, so not exactly nuttin, but pretty dang close. Ran around and spend money like I had it. Cooked lunch for the Popster yesterday, and breakfast today. But thats about it. I'm gearing up for my big winter depression.

I hate winter. Winter and all it stands for. Blech. I just hate it. Hate paying the oil companies for the fuel oil that keeps my pipes from freezing. (No, it's never warm in this house) Hate the hustle and bustle and commercialism that fuels the holidays. Despise and hate with a passion New Years Eve. (I really hate NYE) Hate moving the lawn mower to the back of the shed, and the snow blower to the front. Hate replacing the short sleeve shirts with layers. Sandals with boots and socks. Grrrrr. See. Told ya, I'm gearing up for the big glum.

Anyway, I hung out with Pops for awhile today. Made him breakfast (mmm...train wreck....eggs, sausage, onions, mushrooms and cheese) and awaited instructions. Today he looked way more chipper than he did yesterday. No bullchit talk of wheelchairs today. Actually, I made a speech on WHY I'm not looking into getting him a wheelchair. If you don't use it, you'll lose it, and other insightful statements. Yesterday he hurt pretty bad, and told me to check around about renting a wheelchair. Oh hell no. He needs to get up and move around a little. He was damn near inert all last week in the hospital, and I just don't think it's a good idea to not use your legs even just a little bit. "But it hurts my back...." (the cool wheely/walker/chair thing from the VA) "No chit, Dad, you tore muscles in your back and rib area, of course it's going to hurt, but thats no reason to totally not use anything." He knows I'm right for he didn't really argue. One of his friends stopped by today, and I walked her to her car. During the 4 steps to the car, I explained the deal. She's onto him now. She'll spread the word that NOBODY is to procure a wheelchair for him. Matter of fact, she's putting the word out for more visitors for him, so he WILL get off his ass. Ha. Sometimes it's good to be evil.

Speaking of inert. I lay on the couch from 3 to about 6 flipping between NASCAR and football. Pittsburgh won, Green Bay lost. Alas life will go on. Maybe I'll take some time this week to figure out this bullcrap fantasy football the Kabitzin crew put together. My team is horrific 0-3, but I don't understand it enough to draft and move players around properly. They wonder why I didn't put up 20 bucks for an imaginary team...

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