Saturday, October 16, 2004

Good Morning, Streeeetcchh.....Yaaawwwnnnnn

Yeehaw, it's Saturday. I have NOTHING I HAVE to do. Thats so cool. Nothing, that is, if you overlook the filth in my house. Nobody to check on, nobody to take anywhere. This is great. I've been up awhile, reading the Guide and checking out auctions that might be of some interest. As you well know, sitting at an auction is far better than vacuuming or cleaning house. Since I've already gone on and on about cleaning, I've decided to blog about blogs this morning.

This blogging thing has gotten to be a real cool thing for me. I had always attempted to keep journals, but ended up losing interest after while. But for some reason, I look forward to writing in/on this every day. Tony Pierce his wonderful How To Blog piece says to write every day. Twice if you think you are a good writer. I don't think I'm a good ANYTHING, but I'll write twice a day, if I can. Blogs are like potato chips. You can't read just one. I have accumulated quite a selection in my favorites of blogs that I visit daily. They spin me off onto ones I've never read, read once, then put in my favorites. It's great. There are lots of political blogs out there, and I'm so unpolitical it's not funny. But it's kind of interesting to read different points of view on things.

I told a friend of my about this blog. He started his own. We've posted on the same forum for years now, and he tells great stories. It's only fair that he blogs too. He's hooked now as well. We are both in agreement that we'd rather read blogs than post on the forum as of late.

My wish is that I could figure out the bells and whistles to make this blog look more interesting. I got the site meter thing set up, and the picture feature, no biggie, but there are other things I'd like on here. The plain blue background is kind of boring. I guess it's not about what you have on your background, but what you write about. But I'd still like more cool stuff here. With my parakeet attention span, it's difficult for me to slog thru all the instructions, and some computer-ese to add the goodies. I need a translator. And an attention span probably wouldn't hurt either. Email me if you've got an ideas, or if you have an extra attention span you're going to list on eBay. I do use Paypal.

Smell ya later.

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