Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Goat Man

Goat Man is a friend of mine. His real name isn't that, it's Tom, but I call him Goat Man or Goatie for short. He, obviously, raises goats. And chickens, and turkeys, and last time I visited, he had a couple quail. I buy my eggs from him.

Goatie is in his 50's, big, white hair, white beard. Was an Engineer for the commonwealth of PA before he retired to his little acreage to raise his beasts. To see him is one thing. When he opens his mouth is when it starts to get weird. For a big man, he's got a little whiny voice. Kind of like a mosquito buzzing around in your ear. He's liberal to a point. Hates GW with a passion, but isn't a huge Kerry fan either. He's one of those people that will call the cops if he catches you on his land, but will get righteously indignent if you'd do the same for him. On the other hand, if you're his friend, he'd do anything in the world for you, providing it dosen't cost him any money.

I went out with him once. (Notice I said once) We had dinner at a diner and saw my friend Linda's band play. We went Dutch of course, which I didn't know at the start of the date, but found out real quick like after dinner. "Since I paid for dinner, you buy the concert tickets." He said. Oh. Okay, thats cool. (I guess) Anyway, after the show, we were leaving and some little twit in a sports car parked really close to his truck. To the point of almost (but not quite) being parked in. He got really really shitty about that whole thing and proceeded to hop out of the truck and rant and rave at this girl. Naturally the cops show up. They calmed him down, and sent both parties on their way. He ranted and raved and foamed about this the whole way home.

I've kept my distance since then.

We still get together from time to time. For dinner at the truckstop (Dutch of course) and I have gone out to his place and taken digital pics of his new baby goats for him to post to his goat chat group. He tells me he sure had fun that time we went out, and would really like to do it again. Hopefully Hell won't freeze over anytime soon, and we can just remain friends.

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