Tuesday, October 26, 2004

From the Commute...

This morning I saw:

A black cat in the field by my house. He was stalking something, and jumped straight up in the air and pounced. Death from above, go kitty!

A Halloween decorated house with about a dozen tombstones in the front yard and a bunch of pumpkins, all carved with different faces on the porch. The trees were decorated with spider webs too. I bet they get loads of trick or treaters and give out good stuff.

A work truck for a roofing company. It had a big cooler in the back and a portable gas grill. I chuckled to myself thinking they probably take long lunches.

A white haired young black lady who took up all the space at the coffee counter at the Turkey Hill.

Before I left, I wandered around my poor neglected front yard. With the sort of warm weather we're having, my pepper plants have blooms and little peppers on them, and the echineachea (purple coneflowers) are getting little purple petals on them, AGAIN. Too funny. The one pepper is in a pot, and I'm wondering if I should bring it in the house when it starts to get get cold again, just to see if the peppers will grow more?

Better get some work done now.


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