Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Oh Damn! Now how could I forget about Farscape! Holy cats! Oooh Farscape...what a great show. Several years ago, it was a weekly thing on Sci-Fi, DrunkBrook and I would got to The House of Flamers, and have dinner, smoke a bunch of pot and settle in for our dose of Farscape. The premise is simple: John Crichton, American Astronaut, gets sucked thru a wormhole and deposited a million galaxies away. Meets a bunch of strange and unusual people/creatures. He's trying to get back home. Along the way, a truly evil creature named Scorpius taps into Crichton's brain. Crichton has the knowledge to build the ultimate weapon of destruction. So the evil Scorpy chases Crichton and his band of characters all over the galaxy.

Ordinarily, I don't get sucked into these soap opera kind of things, but I fell ass over elbows into this one. The characters were just so much more interesting than any of the other tripe we saw on TV. They flew around in a living ship called Moya. Which was piloting by Pilot, who looked like a mushroom that talked. Since I have not the inclination to go on and on about the characters, this website: http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/uhura/270/crew.html will give you all you need to know about the crew.

Farscape disappeared off Sci-Fi amidst much howling from the Sci-Fi geeks (not used in a bad way)
Sunday night, Farscape returned. With a four hour, 2-part mini-series, which was repeated last night, and probably tonight too. I watched most of it last night, and was reminded why I loved that show so much. Todays mission is to go to Netflix, and see if I can get the first 2 seasons on DVD.

When I grow up I want to be Aeryn Sun. She's hot and kicks ass too.

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