Saturday, October 02, 2004

By now, some of you know that the Popster was released from the hospital yesterday at noon. YAY! Makes me very happy. After all the poking and prodding, they found nothing, which is both an irritation and a relief. When last I left him, he was getting comfy in his Laz E Boy, had the remote control and the glass of iced tea in front of him. I did call before I left his neighborhood last night, just to check if he wanted me to make him dinner. "No! Go home and relax!" Alrighty then. Good sport I am, I followed those instructions, and went to bed at 9:00 last night. Oh I did drink a beer, which was very decadent, but if I would have had the energy to look, I know theres a joint stashed in the house somewhere. But it wasn't worth the effort.

Today, I'm up and about, and the realization that my house is just HOSED is settling in. I mean this place is a mess! I guess it always has been, but a week of flopping down after work has taken a toll. I went out early this AM and grocery shopped a little (how can a person spent so much money and bring home so little??) Cat Food, Cat litter....ah, there it is. Also on the agenda today is taking pics and listing stuff on eBay. I missed doing that last week, and I do have stuff that needs to go now. Halloween decorations, for one thing.

In my travels I stopped at Lowe's and rescued some plants. Y'see, at the end of the season, they put out the sad annuals that will just get pitched anyway. These were high dollar plants in Spring, but now they're a buck, fifty cents.. So for 50 cents, I can get some that might go a month or two outside before a big frost hits. I got 3 begonias, which can be brought inside for the winter, at least in theory, but hey for 50 cents, I'd give it a whirl. Right now, I have several things that need repotted, including 4 from work that have spent 6 months on my dining room table. Luckily, they're bombproof, and as soon as they're repotted and fertilized a little, they'll perk right back up.

La, la, la...mindless tasks, 2 newspapers, a pot of coffee and college football later. Damn life is good. And it's going to rain today, so I have no guilt about mowing the lawn. HA!

Note to self...replace the battery in the smoke detector so it will quit that infernal beeping.....!

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