Sunday, October 24, 2004


That won't be the first time I write that word, I"m sure. Today is damp and chilly. Blech. I even broke down and turned the heat on. Only to get the inside temp up to 60. It was hovering in the 50 degree range in here, so it was a little hard to type. Figured for a couple bucks I could warm it up just a little bit. Friggin fuel oil at damn near 2 bucks a gallon. Grrrrrr...

The Green Man (Pooks husband) stopped by this morning, and we went to the flea market and then to breakfast. Naturally the topic of conversation was Pook and her dysfunctional ways. They all need slapped. Trouble is, when I talk to him, I see his point, when I talk to her, I see her point. So I keep saying, "Let it be, let it be, let things calm down...." Thats about as neutral as I can be at this point. Nothing good at the flea, but a lot of people who know him as a picker/dealer saw me with him, so they know now that I'm kind of aware of the whole collectables/junk biz, hopefully giving me a little more credibility when it comes to getting decent prices on stuff. Next weekend theres a big auction in Virginia with pottery, and he's got a couple pieces in it. Should bring some money to him. I'd love to go, but I'm not sure if he's even going to be there for it. We'll see. That being said, I do have a couple things I need to list on eBay today, but I haven't rounded them up. I might do that this afternoon. Nobody had anything good out because of the rain at the flea, so I spent a princely sum of 3 bucks on two platters. I'll keep them, I liked their colors (one green, one blue) and they'd make a nice addition to the insane platter collection. (20+)

Ha, I lay down last night to watch the world series, and fell asleep pretty quick. Something about the granny quilt and that big yellow cat sleeping on me that zonked me right out. Or was it all the fun I had yesterday??
Happy Sunday. Maybe I'll check back later.

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