Monday, October 25, 2004

The Annoying List

I'm making my list (and checking it twice) of things that annoy me. They are listed as they fall out of my head. Not by annoyance factor.

Cracking Gum/blowing bubbles/chewing like a cow. This makes me nuts. I'm even a gum chewer, but daaam. Not attractive at all. (This is at the top of the list tonight because of the girl behind me in line at Big Lots. Chewing her gum like a cow and cracking it. It was all I could do NOT to comment.)

People that wait until you're two car lengths away from me THEN pull out in traffic. THEN make a turn about a block down the road. They are also the same people who pull out in front of you and then go really, really slow.

The exact change lady. She KNOWS she's got exact change somewhere in that purse. The purse is really a tote bag that a large family could set up housekeeping in. That 16 cents is in there somewhere. Meanwhile you've got either ice cream or 40 pounds of cat litter balanced on your shoulder.

While we're at the grocery store, lets add this. People who have NEVER used a self checkout lane. They decide that lunchtime is a swell time to try it out...with 34 items AND coupons. Grrrr...

I am so sure that if I think about it some more, I will add to this list.


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