Friday, October 08, 2004

Alright people, calm down. Get a grip here! I apologize deeply and profusely for NOT blogging the past day or two. I really didn't have much to blog about, nor did I have the time at work (where a fair amount of bloggage takes place)

This morning I am compelled to complain. Imagine. Me. Complaining. I have actually found something that is far more annoying then people talking on cell phones in stores. People talking on those cell phone/walkie talkies in stores. Oh maan. It's bad enough to have to hear half of an idiotic conversation, but now you get both halves. I know, I know, "Why don't you just walk away?" Oh, I did, but this dipstick was talking loud enough to hear across the store. Landscapers, apparently, and it went something like this (the walkie talkie squawkie is in italics) "So you get off the the New Cumberland exit..." "mwrawk, rawk, new cumberland?" "yeah, then make a left off the exit" "rawkkk waack left?" "Yeah, and it's the white house on the right" "rwaakwhite, rightwaallk brack."
"So what are you doing this weekend ?" at which point I just left. I couldn't bear the walkie talkie rendition of what the other guy was doing this weekend.

I guess what aggravates me the most is the fact that people are so oblivious to the rest of the world when they're on these phones. By these phones, I am now referring to cell phones in general. It's a sad commentary on our society when I see two people in a car, one driving, and the other blathering away on the phone. And neither party is acknowledging the other. Of course, the phone person could be getting directions, but I'd think there would be some exchange between the two in car parties. In the grocery store the other night, (I was shopping for the Popster) I was in line at the deli, and the women in front of me was going on and on, "Do you want me to get chips? How about bread for sandwiches? What kind of sodas should I get? Well would they like some ham salad instead?" and on and on in that same vein. She was holding a grocery list for cripes sake. Whats the point of having a list if you're going to call someone and play 20 questions? That night, I saw no less than 5 people on the phone in the grocery store. What the hell? What did you people do before cell phones? Yes, I have one, but I rarely talk on it. The most it was ever used was when Pops was in the hospital. Thats about it. (I do give the cell number out to potential dates, but thats to keep the weirdness to a managable it were)

I'll be happy when the novelty of the cell phone wears off and people treat it like what it is. A tool. But then again, I think common sense and manners are to come into play here as well, and we all know that both of those things are valuable resources that are in truly short supply.

As you were.

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