Thursday, September 23, 2004

Stupid, Part Two

I just remembered! Last week I caught the Ellen Degeneris show. Now I'm not one for talk shows, ever, and it was just a fluke that I saw this. Ellen was interviewing Paris Hilton. Oh. My. God. That is one STUPID girl. Dumb as dogshit. I never heard her talk before, and I was just stunned how freaking stupid she is. Ellen was asking her about that show she was on with the other dumb blonde, on Fox. They drove around and did menial tasks. One of the jobs was being a hotel maid. This woman had never made a bed in her life. And was most astonished how hard hotel maids work. "My friends and I usually trash our hotel rooms, but now, I don't think we will because I know how hard the maids work." They were also discussing the animals that the lovely Paris has. Several dogs, cats, ferrets and a mini-wildcat. "A mini-wildcat?" Ellen said, looking rather taken aback. "Oh yes", says Paris, "It's like a wildcat only smaller. It's still a baby, like 6 or 8 weeks old, it's just so cute." Uh huh, give it awhile and see how cute it is when it eats your ferrets, other cats and your dogs. Speaking of dogs, they also touched on how Paris dresses up her little Chihuahua. Apparently this ratdog has several outfits, including Guess? t-shirts, hats, and a host of other little get ups. Ellen inquired how the dog feels about this, and Paris the brilliant replied, "Oh, he just loooves it! He gets all excited and starts dancing around when I get the clothes out.." Ellen rolled her eyes and cut to a commerical. I rolled my eyes and wished I was rolling a joint. But I changed channels instead, somewhere MASH had to be on...

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