Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The saga continues

Pops is still in the hospital. He's been poked, prodded, scoped, doped and examined every which way but loose, and still nobody has figured out why he's anemic. Meanwhile, they have him on morphine, much to my dismay, for the pain. Not the automatic drip kind, but he has to call them every 4 hours for a little zap (as he calls it) That bothers me somewhat, but I've been taught that docs know what they're doing, and they aren't going to turn my old man into a junkie.

He's getting rather grumpy with all this nonsense too. He crabbed at the nurse last night about not getting a meal ("IPO AFTER Midnight, Dear." He said...I know that 'Dear' and it's never a good thing when it's aimed at you.) Todays highlite is the scope down the throat where they're looking for ulcers and internal stomach bleeding. Yesterday was some test where they inject dye into the heart and trace it for blockages. Still no word on that. Matter of fact, the way Dad is talking, nobody has said anything to him. They're gonna get their money's worth out of the VA insurance this time around..

It's not comforting to read in this morning's paper that Holy Spirit Hospital (where he is) has the highest rate of unexpected patient deaths in Pennsylvania. Half of them probably died of boredom, and the other half froze to death waiting in the hallway for a CAT scan or X-rays....

Are we there yet?

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