Thursday, September 30, 2004

More on the saga

And so it goes. I visited w/Dad for about 2 hours last night. He was less than a happy camper, and looked like shit. Shit warmed over no less. Apparently yesterday, they put him under, and fed a tube with a camera down his gut and had a peek around there. Eeew. And then, to make matters even worse, they were making him drink this stuff that would clean him out completely, so he can have a colonoscopy today. Poor guy. The doctors reported that his heart and lungs were good, as good as they can be for someone who smokes, anyway. I swear they're making him feel worse now, with all this poking and prodding and stuff. Still no word on when he'll be sprung from there. Probably no earlier than Saturday at this rate. Sheeeesh.

Something that has been very annoying throughout all this is his tenant. This chick has lived in the apartment above his house for 12 years. She has formed an emotional attachment with him, and for awhile there, they were dating. As it were. Look. He's a blind man who dosen't have transportation of his own. For years he relied on cabs and busses and friends to haul him around. This woman has taken over that position. Plus she's perfectly content to sit on his couch and eat and watch TV with him. Yes, she has taken him to the ER in the past for things, and I do appreciate her doing this. However, last year, she made this big proclamation that, "Your father dosen't love me the way I love him and I'm not going to be around as much." Alrighty then. So, she proceeded to go out and date several men, bringing them back home and making sure my Dad knew she had 'company'. This went on for months, and Dad wrote her off. To the point where he didn't hardly even speak to her. So she finds herself a nice (married) man, who she proceeds to bring to all the social events my Dad is attending, making sure she's seen with this guy, and pretty much starts devoting all her time to him. As time has passed, she has started visiting my Dad more and more frequently, sitting on his couch, letting him buy take out food, which she goes and picks up. Fast forward to last Sunday. I flea market early on Sundays, and I saw her and the boyfriend sitting there selling the boyfriends old tuxedos, at 8 in the morning. At 900, I went to Dad's. Whereupon I took him to the ER. She calls me on her cell at 1130 and says, "Amy I just left your Dad, and you better take him to the hospital" After we had been sitting in the ER since 9:20. Okay.

Long story bearable, she's been going in and out of my Dad's house since he's been hospitalized, acting like the Queen of the place, doing God knows what with his stuff. I let it fly all week. This morning I went in and saw the two phone messages were no longer on the machine. So I called her. Did you listen to the messages? Yes, and I deleted them. I wrote them down. Wrote one down is more like it. Basically I laid it out to her that I'm peeved she feels she can waltz in and out of his house, like she owns it. Her comeback? "I've been taking care of your father for 12 years, where have you been?" Ordinarily, that would have sent me. Not today. I calmly explained that perhaps she should be taking care of HER parents, if she could spare the time from combing the internet for men, and perhaps he should mind her own business. With that, I wished her a nice day and hung up.

Of course, I always regret these kinds of thing AFTER I do them. I just don't trust her, because she's a well documented nut. Frankly at this point, I could care less because my father will believe me, and I don't give a wet fart if anyone else takes her side. Fuggem. All I want right now is for my Dad to be out of the hospital and well.

Carry on.

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