Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I got nuthin..

I'm sorry to say, that I have nothing to blog about today. Really. I can't think of anything really rant-able. Everything is mostly mundane:

I watched a cool program on Discovery last night about some pre-civil war locomotives found at the bottom on the ocean off the coast of New Jersey.

After that I watched CSI: Miami, and cried (yes, cried) when Speedle got killed. (HA! Ruined it for all you people who taped it to watch that Gawdawful Eagles/Vikings game) (sorry...sort of...unless you're an Eagles fan, then "PFFFFFTTT" to you.)

This morning, I did the second Pilates tape. I think it was Accelerated Toning. Or 57 minutes of busting your Ass. Jeeeebus, if I could do have the moves that Mari and her Pilates disciples did, I wouldn't have spent the 50 bucks for the 3 tape series. One particularly evil 'movement' required on laying on your back, and using your 'core' (abs) to bring your legs and butt up over your head to almost touch your toes behind you. Ha. Snort. Uh huh. My ass. Over my head. Ain't happening. Well maybe someday, but not this morning. We'll work up to it. Dream on. But I could see where it'd look real good on a resume.

And that, my friends, is all I have today. My apologies. Maybe something will inspire me to write later.

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