Saturday, September 25, 2004


From Day 1, I have been taught to think for myself. Not a bad thing. More people should think for themselves (or in some cases, THINK period) My mother is very headstrong, and so is my Dad. I've always admired this about both of them. Until recently.

They're getting kind of up in years, not real old, but old to the point where things are starting to go wrong, and need fixed. None of us like doctors or go unless it's a dire emergency. My father was wounded seriously in Viet Nam, and has to go to the VA on a regular basis. Plus, he's mildly diabetic and has some circulation problems. Mom hasn't been to the doc in a long, long time. ("They'll tell me all kinds of horrible things, and I'm at that age where things start to go wrong.." Duh, mom)

Anyway, after I got back from the Saturday missions, there was a call on my Caller ID from a friend of Dads. I called, cautiously, and Bill explained that he had spoken to Dad earlier today, and apparently, Dear Old Dad fell over the dog and landed on the bathtub. In the rib area. Now he hurt his back the Tuesday I was on vacation, and when I saw him Sunday and Tuesday, he was in obvious pain. So I knew this was gonna hurt. I called, "Hey. I heard what happened...You okay? You need to go to the hospital?" "Jesus Christ, who the hell called you?" he barked. So I told him, and repeated the hospital question. "No Goddammit. I'm fine. It hurts like hell, I fell over that Goddam dog, and hit my ribs on the bathtub." "Yeah Dad I know that. Do you need to go to the hospital?" "No Dammit! I'm taking pain pills, and I'll be fine. If I still hurt tomorrow, we might go. If I need you I'll call you. Okay?" "Yes Dad" I mean what the hell else ARE you going to say? He's already pissed off that Bill called me, and alerted me to the situation, and he's even going to be more pissed if I show up to check on him. I feel kind of bad, just sitting around over here, but at the same time, I am not going where I'm not wanted and where I'm going to be grumbled at for trying to be helpful.

Contrary old man. But I tell you what, if he's still in pain tomorrow, I'm stuffing his grumpy ass in my car and taking him to the ER, just because. (I don't think there is much you can do for cracked ribs anyhow, but still)


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