Saturday, September 11, 2004

Busy Busy

I'd be lying if I said I worked hard all day. But I DID a fair amount of stuff. Listed 4 things on eBay, interviewed the petsitter, cut the grass, got keys made, dried more tomatoes, and now I'm getting ready to wash the kitchen floor. This way, ya see, when I get back from my vacation, everything will be done. The grass will probably need mowed again, but thats okay. I hate going anywhere and coming back home to the house that was trashed when I left.

The petsitter was pretty neat. She had all kinds of forms for me to sign, and disclaimers, and all that. Plus she is going to leave a report card of what happened when she was here. She was even going to scoop the litter boxes! Good Lord! She asked me where the plastic bags for poop were. "Huh?" "I scoop the litter boxes, and need to know how to dispose of it." Gitouttaheah....I told her not to bother with that, these guys don't care if it gets scooped every day, and anyhow, I don't use the clumping cat litter. She looked at me kind of funny over that one, but did knock a whole dollar off my bill. Thats also the the chore list before I go to bed tonight. Scoop the boxes and add clean litter.

My mission was to lose 10 pounds before I went to the beach. Ha. That did NOT happen. Matter of fact, according to the scale, I gained back the 8 I lost. Which I don't rightly understand. I'm not sure this whole low carb thing is working for me anymore. I've even added the new Pilates tapes 4x a week, and nothing. Interesting. At any rate, theres no need to stress on it, just go away and enjoy the vacation, and start all over again with madness when I get home. Gad knows theres going to be madness. I just know it.

I guess I'm on the shitlist with the JB. He's all Pro-Bush, and rudely anti-Kerry. Not that this comes to any great shocker or anything, but he's got this whole thing that if Kerry gets elected, overnight 'they' will come to take away his guns. And boy howdy does he get ALL worked up over that. Jeeeez Louizzzze. I wasn't arguing about it, because I'm a pro-gun person anyway. IT's not the guns, it's the people who have them. Simple as that. I just expressed my feeling that it wasn't going to go down like that, partially due to the strength of the gun lobby in this country AND their ties to government. Thats all. Didn't think there was much inflammatory about that. But JB just had himself worked into a major snit (from all I could gather from Instant Messages anyway) he basically ended our conversation by saying, "Well now that I'm in a really bad mood, goodnight. I'm going to bed to read." Click, end of transmission. Well. I. Never. Grow a skin, man. If you're going to get into an exchange of ideas, it's not always going to go your way. Oh well.

And now it's time for the rest of the chores!!

Carry On.

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