Saturday, September 25, 2004


In my rant about infomericals yesterday I forgot to mention Clorox! Silly me. Clorex has an hour long infomercial! Really. I saw it twice, so it isn't a hallucination. (Sometimes I have to wonder, you know) Anyway, it's kind of scary. Going on and on about the various evil germs that lurk around your house, and how a cup of Clorox (ONE cup!) will rid you and your family of all the germs that could make you sick (or worse...cue evil music here..) They even have a tutorial on how to use Clorox properly. Really! Call now or visit our website for valuable coupons. Why yes, I AM rolling my eyes.

I love Clorox. Or shall I say bleach. I use it for every cleaning application. I used to use Pine Sol, but I read somewhere that Pine Sol leaves a residue that can build up in cats kidneys and eventually kill them. So I bleach the cat boxes now. I have Clorox Clean up in the spray bottles upstairs and downstairs. Actually, now, it's bleach water, which is really what CCU is anyway. Anyone who has visited the Groundhog Ranch knows I'm not the tidiest person in the world, but by God, there aren't any botulism germs lurking in my kitchen sponges!

I generally don't use bleach in the wash, except for white whites, because I don't care much about laundry, the objective is to have clean clothes, not sparkling whites or vibrant colors. Clothes in the washer, detergent on top, slam the lid shut and carry on. I do use white vinegar once in awhile, and sometimes baking soda, both for smelly stuff. (Mildew in the wash....I got distracted and left a whole load of laundry in the washer for a couple days...eeeew....cup or so of white vinegar takes care of that, thank you.) With my bleach affection comes several pieces of clothing with bleach spots on them. Oh well. I know by now not to wear anything decent when wielding bleach.

Jeeesus Gawd, who'd thought I'd devote a whole blog to bleach? It's time for Saturday errands. I've got a dinner date tonight, THAT might be blogworthy.

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