Thursday, September 04, 2008

La La La

So how was your day? Good I hope? Do you have any news to share with Auntie Ames?

Thanks to Sara Bozich, from the Patriot News to explain a little about Twitter to me.
I appreciate your time, Sara. I was just kidding about missing out readers & commentators because of not being at the Harrisburg Twitter meet up. A scant 1% of my readers are from the Central PA area. But maybe I'll see you there sometime. I'll buy you a shot.

I've got two bead projects that need done, some metal that needs shaped and hammered, but yet here I sit. Oh well. All good things in all good time.

Oh and I'm not even started making the list of stuff to take to the beach.

And there are pictures to take of jewelry for a show (eh, it's due on 9/19 I've got time!)

Carry on

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