Friday, August 01, 2008

Moving Along, Friday

While I am still sad about my friend's senseless death, I'm moving along. I'm hoping that the jerk that killed him is not as smart as he thinks he is, and the police will figure out the truth, and put his ignorant, hateful ass in jail where it belongs.

After feeding Mama Cat and The Fuzztones, I found myself in the garden pulling weeds at 5:45 this morning. There were A LOT of weeds! There STILL is a lot of weeds, but not as many. I found a happy little tomato plant in amongst all the weeds, and it had a ripe, red tomato for Joe. (Not me, as you know I grow 'em but don't much care to eat 'em) I also saw my garden toad again. He's quite fine and fat from eating garden bugs. He's more than welcome to stay around as long as he likes! I asked him nicely to not jump out and sit on my bare foot at 5:45 am, because that'd be a freaky way to start the day.

Road trip this weekend. Just a shorty, though. More on that after we get back.

Tonight I'm just puttering around. I cut up some new copper for the previously mentioned bead project. I did actually make one, but it's ugly with a capital Ugh. I've got to work on my fluxing & pickling. If I do it properly, the copper won't get gnarly looking. I found my bench block, so I can hammer copper solder into slivers (pallions if you want to be technical) to use for the joins.
As soon as I have some that are worth showing I will.

Carry On!

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